The first preview release of Flynn is now available. Try it or view the source on Github. Please also join us for a meetup in San Francisco on Thursday.

The product that ops provides to developers

Ops should be a product team, not consultants. Flynn is the single platform that ops can provide to developers to power development, testing, staging, and production including databases.

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Flynn is a next generation open source Platform as a Service built on a resource layer. Flynn is designed to simplify ops so developers can focus on their real jobs.

Flynn is designed to be able to run anything. Unlike most PaaSs Flynn can run stateful services as well as 12 factor apps. This includes databases like Postgres, Redis, and MongoDB. Flynn is modular so users can easily modify, upgrade, and replace components.

Flynn components are divided into two layers.

Layer 0 is a low-level resource framework inspired by the Google Omega paper. Layer 0 also includes service discovery.

Layer 1 is a set of higher level components that makes it easy to deploy and maintain applications and databases.

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  • Easy deployment

    Just git push. It's like having a private Heroku. Self-serve access for developers makes deploying internal services and one-off projects completely painless.

  • Save time and money

    Developers can spend more time developing and less doing ops. Ops can provide a single product instead of acting as consultants.

  • Simple and composable

    Unlike existing open source PaaS products, Flynn focuses on providing a set of modular components that can be replaced and reused.

  • Painless scaling

    Run anything on anything. Any Linux process on any hardware. Just add more nodes. Everything is containerized; Flynn takes care of distributing work across the cluster.

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