§ Our Vision

To free everyone from operating software.

§ What that means to us

When we say operating software we mean all the tasks humans currently do to run server side applications. Everything that goes into turning code into a running app and all the services that back it. Building, installing, scaling to multiple instances, provisioning and managing the databases, network, service discovery, containers, virtual machines, and cloud resources that apps need.

When we say free we mean that it’s your job to write your apps, and Flynn’s to do everything else.

When we say everyone we mean it. From a new programmer working on their first project to multiple business units at a large multi-national company scaling to their billionth user.

§ How we’re accomplishing it

We’re building one product that will solve everything.

We’re inspired by Apple products where everything just works out of the box. We can solve problems faster, deliver more value, and provide the best user experience when we control the entire toolchain from end-to-end.

We think of Flynn as an open black box. Everything just works but you can also open it up, look inside, and change anything you want to.

We want to serve users who just have a problem they want solved as well as those who want to know exactly how everything works and fix things themselves, because we want both ourselves.

§ Why we chose this problem

Operating software, “ops” for short, is a hard, expensive problem and a massive barrier to entry whether you’re trying to get a side project up and running or launching a massive new product to a global audience.

Ops is a hard problem but it’s not intractable. It can be automated. Computers can do the boring, complex, repetitive tasks much better and faster than humans, anyway.

Everyone on our team wanted these problems to be solved so they wouldn’t have to do ops on their own projects in the future. By saving countless hours of human work it’s also our way of making the world a better place and freeing people to do what they really want to.