This Week in Flynn

We eliminated several races and panics in the continuous integration suite.

We converted the last rpcplus endpoint in the Flynn controller to HTTP. We will migrate all other rpcplus components to HTTP in the future.

§ Changes

§ Enhancements

  • Updated to Go 1.4rc2 (#550)
  • Added SO_REUSEPORT to discoverd and router to allow zero-downtime replacement (#541)
  • Converted controller’s StreamFormations to HTTP from rpcplus (#540)
  • Merged pkg/migrate into pkg/postgres (#556)
  • Moved some database helpers into pkg/postgres (#557)
  • Imported upstream pq package improvements (#560)
  • Added example generator and support packages to router API (#548)

§ Bugfixes

  • Blobstore now registers with discoverd when using the local filesystem adapter (#543)
  • PATH in Development Vagrantfile is now escaped properly (#553)
  • Repaired a broken pipe while downloading images (#529)
  • Calmed a panic after failing to connect to hosts from the controller scheduler (#562)
  • Ended several races in integration test helpers (#561)
  • Prevented timeouts when connecting to containers (#564)
  • Improved job type sorting in flynn ps (#566)

§ What’s Next

We are focused on improving our test suite, documentation, and stability.

§ Stay in Touch


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