This Week in Flynn

It’s been a busy week at Flynn. Most importantly, Flynn binaries and container images are now distributed securely using faster servers. We also created a script that replaces the manual installation instructions.

§ Changes

§ Enhancements

  • The Update Framework is now used for secure artifact distribution (#974, #980). All binaries and container images are cryptographically signed. Also, container images are now hosted on a much faster CDN. We removed the debian package in favor of an installation script that allows us to have a distro-agnostic install process in the future.
  • The container manager is now capable of registering with service discovery on behalf of a process (#933). In addition to basic registration, it also does HTTP and TCP health checks and can unregister or kill unhealthy processes. The sdutil binary was removed as this functionality supersedes it.
  • The PGHOST environment variable is now added when a postgres database is provisioned (#987). This allows apps to connect to postgres without using the service discovery protocol.
  • The HTTP/TCP router now stores routes in Postgres instead of etcd (#959). This was the only service that stored persistent data in etcd, leaving discoverd as the only etcd client.
  • Minor improvements were added to deployer logging and cleanup (#983)
  • Router and other layer 0 bootstrap jobs allowed to use discoverd DNS (#985)
  • Removed unused port allocator from host daemon (#991)
  • Script usage is printed when too many arguments are provided (#1006)

§ Bugfixes

  • Simplified the installation docs (#996)
  • Bare IPv6 resolver addresses are handled in discoverd (#997)
  • IP address allocations are tracked during host daemon state restoration (#990)
  • Cron is disabled before provisioning VM images (#959)
  • Deploys are only rolled back if jobs fail to start (#1005)

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