This Week in Flynn

The past two weeks have been a major leap forward for Flynn. We shipped the Gamma release of Flynn last week. This release is a dramatic improvement on the beta and brings us much closer to production-ready status. A number of substantial enhancements coincided with the release.

The Flynn Postgres appliance has been rewritten from scratch bringing with it tremendous improvements in stability and performance. It will serve as a model for future Flynn database appliances.

The Flynn CLI now includes an installer that is capable of installing Flynn into the user’s AWS account.

Git repos are now cached so if a user pushes to Flynn multiple times, the entire repository will not need to be transferred each time.

A new version of the updater also landed. This version is capable of updating most of the layer 1 components including the controller and the router without downtime.

§ Changes

§ Enhancements

  • Added flynn psql command for easy access to the Postgres console (#1124)
  • Added support for persisting volume information across host restarts (#924)
  • Added flynn-host destroy-volumes command for destroying volumes (#973, #979, #1044, #1112)
  • Implemented support for taking volume snapshots and transmitting them to other hosts (#1018)
  • Implemented second phase of Flynn in-place updater (#1105)
  • Rewrote postgres appliance from scratch to be correct and fault tolerant (#1069, #1091)
  • Implemented persistent git repo caching (#1035)
  • Implemented a simple AWS Flynn installer (#1090, #1114, #1116, #1115)
  • Added AWS launch support to development Vagrantfile (#1022)
  • Changed multi-node clusters to run in a highly-available configuration (#1089)
  • Switched to synchronous synchronization of router datastores (#1002)
  • Removed unused action type from bootstrap (#1019)
  • Added support for waiting for service discovery events to deployer (#1007)
  • Bumped Go to 1.4.2 (#1023)
  • Changed all schedulers to watch job events (#1021)
  • Improved ephemeral CA certificate installation docs (#1031)
  • Bumped Node.js, Java, Scala, and PHP buildpacks (#1024)
  • Updated dashboard to use new router JSON structure (#1032)
  • Updated Releasing Flynn documentation for TUF distribution (#1041)
  • Rearranged development documentation (#1042)
  • Exposed logs from containerinit for debugging (#1043)
  • Improved deployer to support deploying the controller (#1027)
  • Added job state transition constraint to controller database (#1027)
  • Moved app protected flag to app metadata and removed restrictions (#1053)
  • Queued job cache updates so that they are delivered in order (#1056)
  • Stopped flynn-host upstart job from respawning on crash (#1062)
  • Clarified documentation about configuring firewalls (#1064)
  • Bumped etcd to v2.0.3 (#1054)
  • Implemented support for manual leader election in service discovery (#1059)
  • Removed website from repository, leaving docs (#1070)
  • Added documentation about installing on Linode (#1080)
  • Improved support for multiple clusters in CLI (#859)
  • Updated controller deploy test to run concurrently (#1066)
  • Allowed overriding install script binary checksum (#1099)
  • Exposed automatic metadata to service discovery client users (#1106)
  • Installed tuf-client in CI rootfs (#1103)
  • Added CI support for booting multiple clusters (#1118, #1121)
  • Added IRC notifications to CI (#1120)

§ Bugfixes

  • Fixed image URL in example generator (#1010)
  • Added missing fields to router schema and examples (#1011)
  • Fixed race when rolling back deploys (#1014)
  • Stopped pulling scratch container image in tests (#1028)
  • Fixed dashboard log output in Chrome/Safari (#1033)
  • Stopped daemons from starting during CI rootfs build (#1038)
  • Fixed deadlock when sending error to SSE stream (#1048)
  • Allowed creating apps from CLI when not in a git repo (#1081)
  • Secured CI cluster authentication (#1061)
  • Changed dashboard to use deployer for releases (#1082)
  • Fixed buildpack check ordering (#1029)
  • Fixed dashboard route handling (#1083)
  • Fixed intermittently broken deployer test (#1088)
  • Added missing JSON tags to service metadata (#1093)
  • Removed extraneous field from layer 0 manifest (#1117)

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