This Week in Flynn

It’s been another busy week at Flynn. The response to the Gamma release has been exactly what we hoped — lots of new people installing and trying out Flynn. Our priority has been to address the bugs these users have identified in addition to helping other new users get started in the IRC channel.

We also implemented full-cluster restart handling so data persists across restarts.

Docs continue to evolve with new pages for both the architectural overview and Postgres appliance.

If you’d like help setting up Flynn, have encountered a possible bug, or are using Flynn in production, we’d love to hear from you on IRC, GitHub, or email.

§ Changes

§ Enhancements

  • Implemented full-cluster restart handling (#1187, #1190, #1191, #1194)
  • Added taffy deploy to update process (#1139)
  • Set wildcard certificate as router fallback (#1122)
  • Changed flynn psql to pass arbitrary arguments (#1155)
  • Added docs for Postgres (#1154)
  • Updated flynn psql to use less for paging (#1156)
  • Implemented flynn resource to list resources associated with an app (#1137)
  • Add support for custom subnets to flynn install (#1164)
  • Bumped buildpacks for new PHP versions, Rails 5 support, and Rails 4 asset fixes (#1135)
  • Added timestamps to CI cluster log messages (#1181)
  • Implemented state change logging in containerinit (#1180)
  • Rewrote the architecture page (#1198)

§ Bugfixes

  • Changed install script to fail if download fails (#1144)
  • Added CI unit test timeout (#1166)
  • Fixed flynn install usage documentation and parsing (#1153)
  • Fixed flynn install into non-default regions (#1173)
  • Implemented retries for failing controller connections (#1178)
  • Fixed initializing the TUF client after partial initialization (#1146)
  • Prevented CI from killing the cluster if the release test fails (#1184)
  • Fixed a postgres edge case that incorrectly marks replication as corrupt (#1188)
  • Fixed deployment edge cases (#1192)
  • Changed CI to wait for Docker before starting (#1193, #1197)
  • Removed SO_REUSEPORT usage in router test suite (#1195)
  • Fixed git pushes after deleting and recreating an app (#1171)

§ Stay in Touch

§ How You Can Help


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