This Week in Flynn

Most of this week’s changes are minor bugfixes and refactoring.

Many new users launched Flynn clusters after the Gamma announcement and we have been working hard to fix the bugs they reported as quickly as possible while work progresses on other major components.

If you install or use Flynn, especially if you use the manual install script, please report any bugs or unexpected behavior so we can fix them.

§ Changes

§ Enhancements

  • Added start script for etcd (#1291)
  • Added start script for discoverd (#1292)
  • Updated installer to configure CLI (#1305)
  • Improved code based on output of linters (#1307)
  • Implemented log aggregator buffer snapshotting (#1293)
  • Updated Python, Java, Scala, and Multi buildpacks (#1316)
  • Updated Ubuntu to 14.04.2 (#1315, #1318)
  • Added robust SSH key reuse to AWS installer (#1326)

§ Bugfixes

  • Removed timestamps from dashboard buildpack output (#1288)
  • Fixed buildpacks with no default process types (#1289)
  • Fixed log handling blocking flynn-host shutdown (#1290)
  • Fixed configuring AWS installer credentials (#1295)
  • Fixed configuring AWS installer instance configuration (#1299)
  • Fixed broken links in README (#1302)
  • Added backoff to router sync errors (#1306)
  • Removed proxy use in slugrunner when communicating with blobstore (#1309)
  • Stopped release script from overwriting tags (#1319)
  • Added error handling if release tag fails (#1323)
  • Removed newline in gitreceive cache URL (#1310)
  • Ensured that sources.list.d exists when running install script (#1331)

§ Stay in Touch

§ How You Can Help


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