This Week in Flynn

This week was all about usability and stability. Work focused on bugs reported and improvements requested by users.

By popular request the Flynn CLI is now available as a Windows binary. Go’s native Windows support made this change relatively quick and easy. All versions of the Flynn CLI are now static binaries.

Work also continued on updater support for the Postgres appliance which remains a work in progress.

§ Changes

§ Enhancements

  • Added support for Windows CLI binaries (#1350, #1353, #1356)
  • Bumped ioutil (#1355)
  • Added discoverd DNS support to test runner (#1363)
  • Improved demo environment with Makefile (#1304)
  • Refactored log aggregator filtering (#1352)
  • Made all binaries static (#1364)
  • Switched to Heroku-maintained Go buildpack (#1368)
  • Bumped Docker image handling packages (#1357)
  • Added initial support for deploying/updating Postgres (#1301)
  • Improved CLI controller client to use DialTLS (#1332)
  • Added support for changing the controller key (#1325)

§ Bugfixes

  • Fixed race in log aggregator (#1346)
  • Removed eu-central-1 from regions in installer (#1347)
  • Changed CLI to select next cluster when removing default (#1370)
  • Fixed installer when flynn-host is running (#1372)
  • Improved failure handling in installer (#1341)

§ Stay in Touch

§ How You Can Help


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