This Week in Flynn

Development this week slowed slightly as we focused on helping users with Flynn individually in IRC, over email, and on the phone.

We continue to refine the installation process wherever possible by incorporating user feedback and bug reports. The install script can now clean up existing installs and even uninstall Flynn.

It’s now also possible to deploy apps that just contain static website files with the Staticfile buildpack.

In addition to the bug fixes this week to the CLI and installer, our team is hard at work streamlining and polishing the experience of using Flynn.

§ Changes

§ Enhancements

  • Added clean install option to install script (#1390)
  • Implemented support for bind mounting in flynn-host run (#1391)
  • Added fallback to on-disk container logs in collect-debug-info (#1392)
  • Added remove option to install script (#1393)
  • Moved logs to /var/log/flynn (#1287)
  • Added Staticfile buildpack (#1401)

§ Bugfixes

  • Disabled rollback for failed Postgres deploys (#1378)
  • Fixed failed deployment error return (#1377)
  • Fixed typo in docs (#1384)
  • Fixed log message in CLI (#1388)
  • Fixed dashboard env change race (#1394)
  • Added patch for Docker startup failures (#1399)
  • Fixed Route53 issues in AWS installer (#1403)
  • Fixed some CLI flags (#1404)
  • Fixed typo in installer (#1408)
  • Removed divide by zero in bootstrap (#1407)

§ Stay in Touch

§ How You Can Help


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