This Week in Flynn

We were busy this week at Flynn. The installer now supports DigitalOcean in all regions.

We also added support for resource limits on Flynn jobs. Currently these are only available through the API.

A number of improvements to the installer credential flow also landed.

§ Changes

§ Enhancements

  • Added support for DigitalOcean to installer (#1506)
  • Implemented support for job resource limits (#1500)
  • Updated buildpacks (#1527)
  • Changed zpool initialization to default to 70% of backing device (#1528)
  • Improved installer credentials UX (#1530)
  • Added credential generation links to installer (#1531)
  • Refactored job event waiting (#1502, #1541)
  • Converted deployer process to a generic controller background worker (#1532)
  • Implemented wait for default scale when deploying the first time (#1474)
  • Added support for login token in dashboard URL param (#1536)
  • Added default formation when deploying apps that have never been scaled (#1520)

§ Bugfixes

  • Fixed typo in AWS credentials form (#1529)
  • Ensured that IP forwarding is enabled (#1538)
  • Fixed scale timeout error format string (#1539)
  • Fixed install script treating EOF as yes at confirmation prompt (#1543)
  • Fixed mangled output when using exec package (#1519)

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