This Week in Flynn

Our work this week continued to focus on improving stability through bugfixes and enhancements. Most notably it’s now possible to import and export an application from a cluster using the CLI including the application config, slug, and database. We also shipped a new tutorial to walk Azure users through authentication in the web installer.

§ Changes

§ Enhancements

  • Improved Azure installer authentication tutorial (#1622)
  • Added application export/import to CLI (#1626)
  • Combined host ID into job ID everywhere (#1631)

§ Bugfixes

  • Fixed gitreceived to use correct unmarshal function (#1628)
  • Fixed nil pointer dereference in logmux (#1621)
  • Updated references to old CLI docs (#1629)
  • Reduced test concurrency in development VM (#1630)
  • Reduced CI concurrency to two concurrent builds (#1632)

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