This Week in Flynn

We’ve been busy laying the groundwork for new features along with shipping a few bug fixes. A new controller event firehose will stream any changes, e.g. Flynn’s dashboard will use this to update its view when apps are created, updated, or deleted.

Support for structured syslog data has been added, which will eventually lead to a highly available Flynn log aggregator.

Flynn’s Postgres server now includes the PGRouting extension. If you would like to see more Postgres extensions added, please let us know.

Finally, this past week also saw the beginning of our push towards more and more complete documentation, with a tutorial on SSH key generation for Flynn installation.

§ Changes

§ Enhancements

  • Separated login token from insecure dashboard URL (#1726)
  • Added documentation on how to generate an SSH key (#1731, #1733)
  • Added a streaming firehose of all controller events (#1636, #1735, #1737)
  • Added VMWare Fusion config hooks to demo Vagrantfile (#1736)
  • Installed PGRouting extension in Postgres appliance (#1739)
  • Added app metadata to slugbuilder jobs (#1742)
  • Implemented support for syslog structured data (#1741)

§ Bugfixes

  • Ensured that EBS volumes created by Vagrant get cleaned up (#1729)
  • Fixed CI log forwarding during bootstrap (#1734)
  • Fixed attaching to exited jobs with no logs (#1743)

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§ How You Can Help


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