This Week in Flynn

We made a lot of progress this past week, with several enhancements shipped to support upcoming features, and many bugs fixed.

Flynn’s git receiver now uses HTTPS instead of SSH. This improves security by reducing the number of crypto libraries, removing SSH key management, and discontinuing the use of port 2222. Additionally, the git receiver now supports git submodules.

Flynn can once again launch clusters in AWS eu-central-1 region, which was temporarily removed because Packer was unable to transfer AMIs to that region.

Slugbuilder can now use an SSH private key for cloning buildpacks and submodules.

Finally, we updated to newer buildpacks for Ruby, Node.js, Clojure, Python, Java, Scala, PHP, and Go.

§ Changes

§ Enhancements

  • gitreceived: added support for submodules, by switching to full repos (instead of –bare) (#1617)
  • receiver,slugbuilder: Allow specifying SSH private key for buildpacks (#1717)
  • release: Restored eu-central-1 (#1759)
  • controller,cli,test: Use Job in place of JobEvent (#1769)
  • controller: Created app_release event instead of app event when setting app release (#1775)
  • cli: Implemented resource removal (#1754)
  • cli: Add providers via CLI (#1777)
  • Git over HTTP (#1773)
  • test: Use PostgreSQL 9.4 (#1753)
  • slugbuilder: Bumped buildpacks (#1750)

§ Bugfixes

  • Godep: Updated asset-matrix-go (#1745, #1746)
  • host: Ignore errors fetching logs for stopped, interactive jobs (#1748)
  • gitreceived: Fixed git checkout working directory (#1752)
  • appliance/postgresql: Fixed default bin dir (#1755)
  • Fixed git cache directory permissions issues (#1764)
  • test: Fixed controller restart test (#1766)
  • test: Pull flynn/busybox image before building (#1780)
  • dashboard: Fix: /events replaces /apps/:id/events (#1772)
  • controller: Fixed typo controler -> controller (#1778)
  • test/cluster: Fixed flynnrc config field (#1781)
  • test: Only do log fallback if all flynn-host log calls fail (#1770)
  • host: Close discoverd before stopping jobs (#1756)
  • bootstrap: Added timeout to run_app_action (#1756)
  • cli: Set DisableLog when running attached jobs (#1756)
  • host: Don’t use a retry dialer for logmux discoverd client (#1756)
  • discoverd,host: Support updating a heartbeater’s client (#1756)
  • host: Store container.Domain in libvirt backend job state (#1756)

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