This Week in Flynn

This week brought two significant changes to Flynn.

The component that powers service discovery in Flynn, discoverd, now includes Raft in-process. This was the final component that required etcd, which had been a source of instability in Flynn clusters for some time. Etcd is no longer shipped with Flynn. This change had increased cluster stability substantially.

This is the first of several expected changes to our use of consensus algorithms. In the future we will only depend on Raft for leader election and consistent service state and instead use gossip for discovering service instances (which do not require consistency).

The installer can now install on arbitrary hosts via SSH. Until now the installer could only target public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Digital Ocean. Now you can install Flynn on any machine to which you have access by running flynn install.

§ Changes

§ Enhancements

  • Added failure count to IRC CI notifications (#1859)
  • Implemented generic SSH support in installer (#1830)
  • Added list of failures to CI list UI (#1858)
  • Updated pgx package (#1852)
  • Added logging to router startup (#1849)
  • Moved host removal tracking in integration tests (#1848)
  • Replaced etcd with discoverd in-process Raft (#1612, #1844, #1845, #1856)

§ Bugfixes

  • Fixed local git configuration when using installer (#1853)
  • Fixed adding hosts in CI (#1851)
  • Added vagrant user to libvirtd group (#1841)

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