This Week in Flynn

We shipped a long-awaited feature this week: the ability to run multi-node Flynn clusters on one machine, e.g. on a local Vagrant instance. This means that developers can test multi-node cluster functionality locally, rather than having to spin up multiple cloud instances.

We also shipped a number of browser compatibility fixes and usability enhancements as we work towards a polished 1.0 release.

§ Changes

§ Enhancements

  • Support running Flynn clusters on a single machine (#1891)
  • updater: Update status app (#1889)
  • installer,dashboard: Updated OSX cert install instructions (#1874)
  • test: Added failure count to GitHub CI hook failure notice (#1869)

§ Bugfixes

  • dashboard: Copy env from previous release when deploying commit (#1888)
  • dashboard: Fix install cert flow with security exception (#1886)
  • dashboard: Ensure event stream is connected (#1883)
  • util/assetbuilder: Install npm deps in Dockerfile (#1879)
  • test: Fixed SchedulerSuite.TestOmniJobs (#1857)
  • dashboard: Fixed issue causing blank page instead of login view (#1878)
  • dashboard: Fixed github auth (#1873)

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