This Week in Flynn

The Flynn team continues to focus on production readiness. This past week saw a number of improvements to stability along with some big enhancements.

The Flynn host daemon now supports zero downtime updates. Soon the updater will be able to update entire clusters without downtime.

Logging has been added or enhanced in a number of components to better track down remaining issues.

We also added an FAQ section to the docs to address the most common questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered there, please open an issue.

§ Changes

§ Enhancements

  • appliance/postgres: Add DATABASE_URL to postgres provider (#2024)
  • Docs: FAQ (#1996, #2023, #1998)
  • router: Replace martini with httprouter (#2009, #2010)
  • host: Support zero-downtime updates (#1672)
  • router, Godeps: Switch to (#2001)
  • Discoverd improvements (#2000)
  • controller,cli: Update route (#1980)
  • discoverd: add instance expiration (#1990)
  • cli: Add missing limit command to main help (#1989)

§ Bugfixes

  • host: Add better logging to child exec (#2028)
  • discoverd/server: Don’t log during expiry when not leader (#2022)
  • discoverd/server: Bump raft apply timeout to 30 seconds (#2016)
  • Godeps: Remove go-bindata symlink test data (#2021)
  • dashboard: Add back support for form-urlencoded login request (#2019)
  • discoverd debug logging (#2015)
  • discoverd,scheduler: Clarify nil leader events (#2012)
  • discoverd/health: Panic with error if accept fails in test (#2006)
  • host: Don’t run nsumount without mountpoints (#2007)
  • controller: Misc prepared query cleanups (#1992)
  • discoverd: remove error when no instances need expiration (#1997)
  • Dashboard optimization (#1994)
  • controller: Misc prepared query cleanups (#1992)
  • pkg/httphelper: Retry on net.OpError or syscall.Errno (#1991)
  • slugrunner: Retry downloading slugs (#1987)

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§ How You Can Help


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