This Week in Flynn

This past week we continued our focus on production stability. A number of bug fixes and enhancements landed to push Flynn further towards that goal.

Flynn’s log aggregation service now operates in a highly available cluster to ensure that log data is not lost.

Flynn’s cluster domain can now be modified after bootstrap via the CLI. Usage: flynn cluster migrate-domain Remember that DNS entries must be updated accordingly.

Thanks to community member tombh, Flynn now supports HTTP routing for multiple process types of an app.

§ Changes

§ Enhancements

  • Make more Procfile process types routable via HTTP (#2002)
  • HA/recoverable log aggregation (#2008)
  • Migrate cluster domain (#1957)
  • test: Add branch to CI index (#2045)
  • cli: Route export/import (#2025)

§ Bugfixes

  • script: When using multi-host cluster use separate log directories (#2053)
  • test: Handle closed event stream in TestDomainMigration (#2051)
  • installer: Save SSH key used in Azure install (#2050)
  • scheduler: Implement host sync and checking (#2041)
  • scheduler: Retry SyncJobs with a small delay if it fails (#2037)
  • worker: Ensure old jobs are stopped in one-by-one deployments (#2035)
  • cli: Attempt to get cluster details from git before using default (#2033)
  • cli/config: Fix multiple cluster conflict error (#2032)
  • scheduler: Logging improvements (#2029)

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