Flynn Update: Online Meetup, 32c3, and more

We will host a Flynn online meetup this Thursday, December 17th at 9:00am EST. RSVP here.

§ Adoption

We’re thrilled to see so many users moving forward with Flynn deployments since the launch of the stable release channel last month.

We built Flynn to be a tool that delights developers and operators so meeting so many happy users is particularly exciting for our team.

We’re also very happy to be able to support a fast-growing number of production users and hope to be able to share some of their stories in a future newsletter.

§ Recent Changes

We’ve spent most of our time over the past month supporting new deployments and fixing small user-reported bugs, but feature development has also moved forward.

We just shipped HTTP path-based routing which has been a particularly popular request recently.

You can also find weekly development updates here on the Flynn Blog.

§ Online Events

This Thursday we’ll host an online meetup using Google Hangouts.

RSVP here

Although our team is spread out across three continents and we travel a lot, we still can’t see everyone in person. We’re going to try a series of online meetups to connect with users who we wouldn’t normally see.

This should work a lot like an in-person event, we’ll start with a short demo and then answer questions. Questions can be submitted in advance by email or using the Q&A button on Google Hangouts.

If these work well, we will stagger the timing in the future to make it easier for those in different time zones.

We’ll also make a video available for those who can’t join us synchronously.

§ In-person Events

We have a lot of travel planned in the next month. Most of our team will be at the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg, Germany 27-30 December.

We’ve scheduled a meetup on Tuesday 29 December at the conference and are also happy to meet with users individually while we’re there. Email us if you’d like to connect!

We are also planning to visit users in other cities in Europe, especially 11-14 January, 2016.

If you’re a current or prospective user and have an event or team you’d like us to speak at/with in Europe that week, let us know and we’ll try to make it happen.

We’re also looking for a venue to host a public meetup in London during that time as well. Contact us if you know of anywhere that’s available!

§ Connect

Wherever in the world you are, if you would like a Flynn team member to visit your local group for a Flynn talk, email us.

We can also help you put together your own presentation on Flynn if you’d like. Several users have already given successful talks on Flynn at conferences and community events.

§ Feedback

As always we want to thank our community and users for their support. We strongly encourage community contributions of code, documentation, and blog posts. We also try to send out T-shirts and stickers to everyone after their first commit or blog post. If you have already made a contribution, but haven’t received a package email us.

We want to hear about any problems, success, pain, or pleasure you’re having with Flynn.

If you have any feedback or questions about Flynn please stop by IRC (#flynn on Freenode), join the Google Group, file issues on GitHub, or email our team any time.


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