August Flynn Release

Flynn is an open source platform for deploying and managing web applications and databases.

Hundreds of new clusters have been launched since the Flynn 1.0 release last month. We’ve connected with many new and prospective users and fixed a number of bugs found in the wild. Our team is also hard at work on a number of new features. Some users have also expressed interest in organizing regular Flynn meetups in their community. If you’d like to start one or give a talk on Flynn let us know.

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§ Release Notes

This month’s stable release is primarily composed of fixes for bugs. There was one major bug fixed, a deadlock that can occur after an unclean restart of flynn-host, and the rest are fixes for various minor edge cases.

One feature was added, a variable that changes the default slugbuilder memory limit.

Read the full changelog for v20160814.0.

Stable updates are released on the third Tuesday of each month with changes that have had more time to stabilize.

You can also follow the nightly release channel which includes more bleeding edge changes. Nightly builds have all passed code review and our CI system, but may not be fully tested.

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