Managed Flynn, Toronto Meetup, and September Release

The September stable release of Flynn is here! It includes a bunch of bugfixes, a new Google Cloud Storage backend for the blobstore, and some other new features. Read the changelog to learn more.

§ Managed Flynn

We now provide fully managed Flynn as a service in addition to our existing commercial support and training products.

We want everyone to have the best experience with Flynn possible, whether that’s running it entirely on their own, with our help via a support contract, or using a Flynn cluster that we manage for them.

We offer commercial support contracts for users who want to be able to reach our team 24/7 if anything goes wrong. We try to become customers' “backup ops team” and go above and beyond expectations by solving their problems whether or not they’re related to Flynn.

Recently we’ve been approached by users who want even more. Many companies, especially small startups and development shops don’t have (or want) an ops team or sysadmin, or have one solo “devops person”. Some of these users are happy running Flynn on their own, but others have asked us to run everything for them.

We’re launching a beta of Managed Flynn today. Here’s how it works: our team configures, installs, runs, and manages a Flynn cluster for your company. Everything runs in your own cloud account so you always have complete control and ownership of your infrastructure (and can take advantage of any cloud credits you might have). Our team is standing by 24/7 to help your developers get the most out of Flynn and help fix anything that goes wrong with Flynn, your apps, or infrastructure provider.

We’re already working with several managed customers and are excited to see how this scales. As Flynn itself becomes more powerful and feature-rich we’ll be able to offer even more capabilities and guarantees to our customers.

If you’re interested in becoming a Flynn managed customer, please contact us.

§ Toronto DevOps Meetup

Jesse from the Flynn team will be doing a talk about Flynn at DevOps Toronto on Tuesday, October 4. RSVP here.

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