October Stable Release

October’s stable release is out! It includes an Azure Storage blobstore backend, app garbage collection by default, improved reliability for apps while deploying, and many bugfixes and small improvements. The changelog has the details and there are docs on how to update.

§ Community Articles

§ Flynn at Bitmatica

Carl Minden, Lead Backend Engineer at Bitmatica, explains how they found Flynn and decided to use it in production.

§ Phoenix on Flynn

Phoenix is a popular web framework built on Elixir, a functional, dynamic language based on Erlang. Omar Abdelhafith wrote about deploying Phoenix apps on Flynn.

§ Continuous Delivery Towards Flynn

Philip Lehmann-Böhm wrote about some common patterns for doing continuous delivery with Flynn.

§ F# on Flynn

F# is an open source object-oriented functional language developed by Microsoft. Zohaib Rauf wrote about how to deploy F# Suave apps on Flynn.

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