Container Independence

One of our highest priorities is modularity.

We are pleased to announce Pinkerton, a tool for using Docker images with other container runners.

Users should have complete control over their dependencies and environments. Many users have experimented with Docker’s initial iteration, but we believe the story of containers, which began over a decade ago with FreeBSD jails and Solaris zones, remains in its infancy. Docker, Inc. introduced many web developers to containers, first through LXC, and powered more recently by Docker, Inc’s own libcontainer.

Many projects in this space are moving quickly, turning compatibility and stability into great challenges, especially for projects that push the limits of these tools, like Flynn.

We have run into more than our share of problems with all of our dependencies, including Docker, which has caused us to redouble our commitment to interoperability and modularity.

Our users should not be tied to Docker, Inc. or any other company.

Pinkerton guarantees container independence permanently.

We are hard at work switching Flynn’s container runner to leverage more mature container solutions that guarantee operators the reliability, stability, and performance in production that we demand and users require of all our dependencies.

We have more to say about container runners, stability, and performance (backed by extensive benchmarks and tests). We are evaluating both Red Hat’s libvirt and Google’s lmctfy, which are used by the industry’s most demanding users in production at companies like Google and projects like OpenStack.

We will provide you with the greatest possible stability in production. Our commitment to this is unwavering.

Initially, Flynn’s container runner was one of the few components that did not support user-swappability out of the box. Correcting this is currently our highest development priority and a necessity for production stability. Alternative runners are already in development on GitHub.

We expect to announce Flynn Beta, suitable for internal services and non-production traffic in the next several weeks. Flynn 1.0 will follow by the end of the summer. Flynn will be the most reliable tool you use.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Because of your support, Flynn will be the single tool that solves ops. Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm, and interest.

–The Flynn Team

p.s. We are in the San Francisco Bay Area for the summer and available to discuss the particular needs of users until the end of August. Let us know if you’d like to meet.


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