Flynn Demo and Roadmap

Greetings from Flynn!

Lots of news from the world of Flynn today including the first demo of Flynn, a video of our first meetup, and a status report.

Today we are launching the first Flynn demo. The demo includes basic features of Flynn layers 0 and 1 including the host service, service discovery, and git receive. The demo is on GitHub and a screencast is embedded below. After you try the demo check out some of the underlying components also on the Flynn GitHub repo.

Thanks to everyone who attended our first community meetup last week in San Francisco. As promised, a video of the event was recorded, and is embedded below. A special thank you to Twilio for hosting the event.

§ Where we are

Basic versions of most components already exist. There are only a few remaining questions about the overall architecture, most of which will be resolved in the near future.

§ What’s next

Next month we will announce a more polished, complete, and documented version of the Layer 0 components: the host service, scheduling framework, and service discovery. This layer can be used on its own to schedule and run jobs (e.g. replace Mesos). A similar release of the major Layer 1 components will follow in early 2014. This will likely include the management API, git receiver, support for Heroku buildpacks, and the router. Other Layer 1 components will arrive later in the year.

§ Money

Our team has put more time into Flynn than expected (less than half the time spent has been paid). We’ll run out of funds entirely around the Layer 1 release in early 2014. We really want to continue our work on Flynn, especially as companies are starting to deploy Flynn — we want to be there to provide bug fixes, security updates, and additional features throughout the year. We’re asking for an additional $350,000 for 2014 to support the existing team for the year and possibly bring in a few additional developers. We also expect to see significant contributions in the form of pull requests from users of Flynn as the project evolves. If we reach this goal we expect Flynn to be extremely stable and feature-rich by the end of 2014. Based on the results of our first campaign, we are focusing on companies who can contribute on a monthly recurring basis, but of course all types and amounts are appreciated.

We encourage everyone to check out the demo and dive into the code. We will be in IRC and on GitHub to answer any questions and respond to comments. You can also email us anytime.

Thank you for your support and encouragement and being part of the Flynn community.

—The Flynn Team (Jonathan, Jeff, and Daniel)


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