Flynn Beta

Flynn is now in beta.

This release represents over a year of design and development and is the last stage before production release candidates begin shipping.

The first beta release includes:

  • a pluggable containerization backend with support for Red Hat’s libvirt-lxc and Docker 1.1
  • deterministic releases using image IDs (currently libvirt only)
  • flap detection in the controller scheduler
  • multi-node support
  • support for etcd v0.4.6
  • support for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS including an updated slug base image
  • deployment instructions
  • and numerous bug fixes for all major components.

This release also ships as a single repo for the first time. Components are still modular, but everything is located at

Now is an excellent time to set up a Flynn cluster for development, testing, and staging environments. We need your help to find bugs and discover edge cases so we can expand the test suite and improve the system.

Development is still in a feature freeze until the planned production-ready release this fall. With the exception of the appliance framework, no new features will be added until the first production stability release candidate.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.

— The Flynn Team


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