Flynn Stable Channel and San Francisco Meetup

We’re excited to announce the launch of the stable release channel for Flynn today.

We will be hosting a Flynn meetup at the AWS Loft in San Francisco next Tuesday, November 10th from 7-8:30pm. RSVP here.


Our highest priority is making Flynn as reliable as possible in production environments. This release channel and the current version of Flynn are both major achievements in that journey.

Many developers and companies are using Flynn today in a variety of ways including in production. We’re thrilled to be able to support these deployments technically and organizationally.

The launch of this new stable channel coincides with zero-downtime in-place upgrades of Flynn clusters. The updater itself is in beta and you can follow this guide to update.

We’ll be shipping releases weekly to start, and will adjust the release interval over time.

We also added a page to the docs that explains Flynn’s stability in greater detail.

Recent Changes

Over the past few months we have made several major changes and additions to Flynn that dramatically improve its reliability and performance. Most notably a complete rewrite of the scheduler, switching to a different library to power service discovery (while removing the etcd dependency), and the releases of full cluster backup and cluster first aid tools.

These changes and additions repaired or replaced the components responsible for the vast majority of instability in Flynn clusters. The new tools make it much easier and faster to repair damaged clusters and migrate entire clusters to different infrastructure.


With the release of this new channel a newsletter will now be shipped monthly. Each month we’ll summarize recent developments in Flynn and list upcoming events like meetups and conference talks by the Flynn team and community.

This newsletter will be in addition to our weekly updates on the Flynn blog.

Google Group

There is a new mailing list available on Google Groups to discuss the use and development of Flynn. Issues should still be reported on GitHub and the team will continue to be available in IRC to answer questions synchronously whenever possible. The new list is also intended to be a place for users of Flynn to discuss their questions, experiences and best practices.


Next Tuesday, November 10th we will host a meetup in San Francisco.

Our CTO, Jonathan Rudenberg will demo the most recent version of Flynn as well as some of the newest Flynn utilities like cluster repair and migration. There will also be lots of time for questions and discussion.

We will also be at a number of conferences in the next few months, those dates and details will be announced in future newsletters.

If you would like a Flynn team member to visit your local group for a Flynn talk, email us.

We can also help you put together your own presentation on Flynn if you’d like. Several users have already given successful talks on Flynn at conferences and community events.

As always we want to thank our community and users for their support. We strongly encourage community contributions of code, documentation, and blog posts. We also try to send out T-shirts and stickers to everyone after their first commit or blog post. If you have already made a contribution, but haven’t received a package email us.

We want to hear about any problems, success, pain, or pleasure you’re having with Flynn.

If you have any feedback or questions about Flynn please stop by IRC (#flynn on Freenode), join the Google Group, file issues on GitHub, or email our team any time.

–The Flynn Team


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