Flynn 1.0 is here!

Flynn is an open source platform for deploying and managing web applications and databases.

Three years ago we launched a crowdfunding campaign to build an open source platform as a service called Flynn that could run databases as well as applications. Today we are announcing a version of Flynn that achieves all our original goals and is stable for production use.

Flynn lets you deploy and manage lots of applications, whether they’re microservices or monoliths, written in any combination of languages. Flynn also runs popular databases like Postgres, MongoDB, and MySQL as appliances on the same platform. It’s like having database as a service (DbaaS) inside your own cluster.

Flynn makes running software faster and easier so developers can ship their code with less friction and spend more time creating applications and products. Developers can choose the right language, framework, or database for each project without creating extra work for operators.

Ops and IT teams who use Flynn can give developers self-serve access to infrastructure for development, staging, or production environments. Since they don’t have to build custom stacks for each app, language, or framework, they can act more like a product team and less like consultants.

Flynn brings resilient, scalable, and efficient infrastructure to everyone. Users get all the benefits of technology like containers, schedulers, service discovery, and overlay networking without needing to connect dozens of different tools and components. Flynn is a single, unified, easy-to-use platform.

Developers and companies around the world are using Flynn to power everything from their latest side project to their startup’s most important products in production.

This is just the beginning of Flynn’s development, and we’ll have many more features to announce in the coming months. For now, Flynn is solid, stable, and ready to use.

We now have a regular release schedule and security disclosure policy. For more information on what we’re working on check out our roadmap. We regularly post news about Flynn development and events on our blog and Twitter.

Our team is standing by on GitHub and in IRC (#flynn on Freenode) and is ready to help if you have any questions. We also offer commercial support for users who need the guarantee of reaching our team night or day.

Flynn is fast and easy to install on popular clouds with our graphical installer or on your local machine with Vagrant. Try it today and see how far we’ve come.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Flynn over the years from our original crowdfunding campaign, meetups around the world, and beta users. We think you’re going to like what we’ve built and we look forward to delivering even more in the days to come.


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