Paths to Adopting Flynn

Flynn is an open source platform for deploying and managing web applications and databases. Flynn makes developing and running applications and databases faster, easier, and more efficient.

There are many benefits to adopting a cutting edge platform, but changing tools can be tricky. Infrastructure has inertia. Developers and operators are used to specific tools and workflows and not all organizations can turn on a dime.

There are a number of different ways to bring Flynn into an organization:

If you’re starting a new project or company and have a clean slate you can dive right in and use Flynn for everything from day one.

If your organization prefers incremental change, you can adopt Flynn gradually.

First, try deploying your apps on Flynn. If that works out, try setting up a development cluster that engineers can use to test their code and get new apps up and running quickly for evaluation. The next step is a staging cluster where apps are run before being released in production. After this process your engineers and operations team will have enough experience and confidence using Flynn that they can use Flynn with confidence for production as well.

Adopting a new platform doesn’t mean you have to run everything on it. Some established organizations plan to leave legacy applications running on legacy systems. Others just want a platform for new applications as they embrace containers and microservices. Whether you want to run everything or just a few apps, Flynn is here to help and easy to manage.

Many operators remain happy with traditional management of production applications and services but are looking for a nimble solution to local, development, and staging environments. Flynn provides Vagrant images for local use and has a fast and simple web installer to get a cluster running in the cloud. Flynn clusters can also be managed and automated with many of the tools widely used by ops teams today.


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