§ Vagrant Installation

Vagrant is a virtual machine manager that runs on your local machine. We provide a pre-built Vagrant/VirtualBox VM image that can be used to try out Flynn locally without manually installing it.

§ Dependencies

Both Vagrant and VirtualBox need to be installed, so if you don’t have them already you should install them by following the directions on their respective web sites:

§ Installation

Clone the Flynn git repository:

$ git clone https://github.com/flynn/flynn

A Makefile is provided for convenience as a simple wrapper around common flynn commands. For systems without make installed, manually run the vagrant commands.

Change to the demo directory and bring up the Vagrant box:

$ cd flynn/demo

# Provision the VM and bootstrap a flynn cluster
# Init should only be called once
$ make init
# Print login token and open dashboard in browser
$ make dashboard

# OR

$ vagrant up
# Follow the instructions output by vagrant up, then...
$ flynn -a dashboard env get LOGIN_TOKEN
# Copy the login token
# Open the dashboard in a browser
$ open http://dashboard.demo.localflynn.com

Additional make commands:

# Halt the VM
$ make down

# Bring up the VM and flynn
$ make up

# SSH into the VM
$ make ssh

# Destroy the VM
$ make destroy

# See Makefile for other useful commands

If the VM fails to boot for any reason, you can restart the process by running the following:

# Stop and restart the VM
$ make down
$ make up

# OR, destroy and rebuild the VM
$ make reset

With a successful installation, you will have a single node Flynn cluster running inside the VM.

Now you have Flynn installed and running, head over to the Flynn Basics page for a tutorial on deploying an application to Flynn.